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Re: Is this list alive?

> Not quite. We have part of the infrastructure for building
> cross-toolchains with Nikita's patches. Nikita, I realise these are
> available on your server, but it would be good if we had them on
> emdebian.org, along with our older stable cross-toolchains.

I don't have anything against that.
I may even move development to another host.
The only thing I don't want is to spend much time for such a move :).

Btw, I've started to use subversion for my cross-gcc activities. Currently
it's a local repository in my home directory, but it may probably be moved

> I'd like Nikita to get more involved as he has
> clearly become the debian-cross-toolchain man :-)

What exactly do you mean?
I'm currently more or less maintaining cross-gcc, cross-binutils and
dpkg-cross. I'm going to continue these activities, and least in forseable


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