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Re: Is this list alive?

As for debain embedded, looks that nobody is currently interested in this
(at least no one interested enough to actualy do something). Or maybe
someone is doing something silently.
I am interested and I have some time. I am also trying to weigh the differences between Emdebian, ucLibc and all the other "embedded" Linux development efforts.
Plenty of people are interested, but until the basic tools are working and
documented it is difficult to get involved with simplerstufflike

I joined the list as soon as I found out about the project (at ukuug). I would like it to succeed, since amost all our systems (lab, desktop and server) are running Debian as the distribution choice ... and it would be nice to have our embedded systems running it as well. Since I teach a course too, it would be handy to use it there for project work. The latter is not feasible until emdebian is stable enough for newbies to use.

As far as using emdebian for paid work is concerned, there are two major difficulties: (1) A definite shortage of consultant support I could hire to deliver working software solutions (2) No toolchain with an inherent labor saving - saved labor could be used to fix the distribution

In the interim, we have to continue with homegrown solutions and/or commercial ones like MVL. It should be clear from my explanatory comments that Wookey's single sentence above is an excellent summary. Hope that helps ...

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