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uwoody - usid (was: Re: embdebian usable now?)

On Mon, Apr 26, 2004 at 03:48:34PM +0100, Bruno Gravato wrote:
> If you need some packages in debian which are not 
> available in uwoody you can install a uwoody buildroot and 
> then get deb sources from woody and dpkg-buildpackage it 
> (so they are compiled with uclibc). I've successfully 
> rebuilt many packages this way without much trouble.

Yes, uwoody rock big time. The only question is, how will it handle the
next uclibc version? From what I have gathered, uclibc will break binary
compatability with one of their next releases and as far as I can figure
that out[1] this means that the whole system has to be bootstrapped
again, doesn't it? 

Regards, David

[1] and that means I'm probably wrong ;)

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  * Tech Support: "Did the battery run out, maybe?"
  * Customer: "No, it doesn't use batteries. It's Windows powered."
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