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Re: Technical choices for generating 'without docs' packages

Hello Benjamin, 
Quoting Henrion Benjamin <bh@udev.org>: 
> Just to know what kind of choices are the best to generate packages 
> without docs... 
> Do we have found a concensus on this question? 
Well during the Linux-user expo in London last week Wookey, Peter Naulls, Jon 
Masters, Justin Cormack and I have decided to give Stag a first go. I updated 
the quickstartguide on my site, and the stag-addons package should provide you 
with the needed tools. I haven't had time yet to update all the packages on 
the site. But the busybox package should be usable. Give it a try.  
See also Wookey's announcement on the emdebian website. 
PS: could you enable the wiki please? 
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