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Re: why not kernel images and other tools?

I am interested in creating tools for embedded beyond kernel
configuration. This has been in the back of my mind while I try to
follow this thread. My idea was to investigate using Eclipse. If that
doesn't look viable, or grossly unpopular, look at implementing
something with Tk. (tcl or perl)

Well we actually have those now. These are adapted versions of the standard Debian tools.Look at Stag for more information about them. We should start building base any time now. Once we got the documentation right and the wiki running. They are command line, however the wrappers may need to be improved.

Command line doesn't sound like an IDE...

Another question that I have is regarding package configuration
maintenance in an embedded system. Has anyone thought about this?

Most of it should be done by the original Debian maintainer ( in the end, long term goal). For the moment we are planning to get a wiki online with a package wishlist and a detailed howto. Everybody should be able to edit the wish-list and taking up the task of adapting a package to Emdebian. For the moment we are going for the proposed scheme of a seperate emdebian subdir with symlinks to all files shared with the normal debian part. And different rules, control en scripts (postinst, preinst,...) As these don't change very much maintaing them should be not to hard.(However making doubles is not really the ideal way, it has the advantage of keeping emdebian and debian changes apart. This simplyfies any eventual tool-change and make it easier to get it accepted in Debian proper.

My question is a little different. When you install a package on a RedHat system, a local rpm database is queried and manipulated. I assume that the desktop Debian system is similar. However maintaining a "local" database would not be good for an embedded system. (since I am new to Debian I am making assumptions about how things work so this message may be totally irrelevant.)


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