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Re: why not kernel images and other tools?

Hi Allen, 
Quoting Allen Curtis <acurtis@onz.com>: 
> > Well we actually have those now. These are adapted versions of the  
> > standard 
> > Debian tools.Look at Stag for more information about them. We should  
> > start 
> > building base any time now. Once we got the documentation right and  
> > the wiki 
> > running. They are command line, however the wrappers may need to be  
> > improved. 
> > 
> Command line doesn't sound like an IDE... 
Well that is not really the aim of emdebian. You actually want some IDE to 
build embedded software then? Maybe you could improve one of them like 
Kdevelop or so? If of course I do not get you wrong. 
> >> Another question that I have is regarding package configuration 
> >> maintenance in an embedded system. Has anyone thought about this? 
> My question is a little different. When you install a package on a  
> RedHat system, a local rpm database is queried and manipulated. I  
> assume that the desktop Debian system is similar. However maintaining a  
> "local" database would not be good for an embedded system. (since I am  
> new to Debian I am making assumptions about how things work so this  
> message may be totally irrelevant.) 
Wel actually both are possible. If you install the -soon to be available- 
emdebian packages on your development system with my wrapper you have a 
seperate database on your development system. You can then make an image you 
are able to load onto your board (this image does not contain the package 
If you want to be able to install and remove packages on the embedded system 
itself you need one. This will be provided by using something like ipkg or a 
port of dpkg. 
I hope this answers your question, 
PS: The stag website will be updated soon. I'm still merging the latest 
changes (doc and binaries). 
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