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Re: Debian router (compressed FS needs)

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Dear Vadim,

Do not bother for my remarks, there are not critics. As you may understand, I 
am completely new to embedded systems. Some kind of newbee :)

I was only expressing the idea that a compressed RW module in the stock Debian 
Kernel might well answer 80% of user needs. Then, the team would only need to 
release a stipped-down version of the 2.6 kernel in Unstable and modify the 
new Debian installer.

> AFAIK, it is the only custom debian distribution that boots from
> flash and works from memory a-la-Cisco, and still can be directly
> upgraded from debian mirrors. I hate to boast, just humbly ask not
> to spread around wrong information about my project.

Would it be possible to :

- - choose between /dev/hsa1 and /dev/sda1 in the beginning (at least to be able 
to define it as a variable). My key is seen as /dev/sda by default and does 
not need any parameter to boot (at least I think so).

- - define Code kernel version as a variable too.

Also, I never use Lilo because there is a need to rewrite the bootloader 
everytime a modification is done. I know the trick is to create symlinks...

Are there technical restrictions in not using Grub? I like Grub because the 
only thing you need to modify is the /boot/grub/menu.lst

Also, could you explain again the use of Rsync in your script. Because I am 
new, I do not quite understand.

> BTW, why do you need a compressed file system if you have 128M
> flash and 128M memory? Debian base with man and info pages
> included is ~70Mb. Ssh and routed will add a couple of megabytes.
> Compression can only make your system less debian-compatible.

Using the Debian beta 3 installer, my USB key fills up quickly and the 
installation stops. Any idea?

Maybe I should use the stable Debian installer and then upgrade to SID. What 
do you think?

Thank you for your feedback and help.

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