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Re: some thoughts (scratchbox, emdebian/rules)

On Tue, 2004-02-17 at 14:05, Philippe De Swert wrote:

> Another idea I found quite good (ideaby Wookey) was to add an emdebian/rules
> instead of an debian/rules file adapted to emdebian in the standard debian
> packages. This way we could add patches which break one platform but are needed
> for the other, keep the complexity down of the original rules file, etc...

I was thinking about this earlier today actually, and there are a couple
of issues:

1. (fairly trivial) is it emdebian/rules or just an emdebian-build
target in the standard rules file?

2. we have to change the control file too (to change packages built and
build deps), so do we add an emdebian/control or debian/emdebian-control
file? Otherwise we are still going to have to patch original sources

3. if you do either of these, you wont be able to build packages from
standard source debs easily (because the emdebian dpkg will be looking
for the emdebian files). One of the nice things about uwoody is being
able to just grab standard package sources and build them. So in the
short term it might just be easier to maintain a set of patches against
normal debian. Changing from one to the other wouldnt be a lot of work
though, and could easily be automated.

I dont think these are very important though. I dont think you need to
change much more than control and some configure options in rules for
many packages, as it should be easy to make all the debhelpers that
install documentation do nothing instead so they dont have to be
commented out (not sure how many packages dont use debhelper).

I am fairly inclined to just start working on it and see what happens,
so I have built a machine running Erik's uwoody to build on and use as
apt repository.


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