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some thoughts (scratchbox, emdebian/rules)

Hi all,

Recently there was a discussion about using scratchbox to do the building for
the mini-debian part of the emdebian project. (See
 for reference). Since I have now had the time to look into it I have a few

1. It's apparently a fine system (I should try it once)
2. Unfortunately it seems quite complex to set up (however with decent packages it
   should be less of a problem)
3. The major drawback is the need for a working (target)-board. This is not very
   very useful when doing development for a new platform, and some boards do not
   have the resources to run the whole environment

Because of these reasons I would keep it for difficult and not to common software.
Like for example X (with the mini-debian this could be used more often, but for
the typical embedded application this is not commonly used). I would try to make
as much workarounds as possible in the rules file (makefile for debian source
package) as these work-around would remain valid for quite a while, and makes
rebuilding by developer easier.

Another idea I found quite good (ideaby Wookey) was to add an emdebian/rules
instead of an debian/rules file adapted to emdebian in the standard debian
packages. This way we could add patches which break one platform but are needed
for the other, keep the complexity down of the original rules file, etc...

What do you people think?

This is af course also a little warm-up for the discussions at Fosdem
(www.fosdem.org). Everybody interested is free to join in. We have a more or
less "official and informal" meeting at lunch on sunday which I would use to
meet with everybody interested and make some practical arrangements for the real
discussion on sunday evening.



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