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Re: some thoughts (scratchbox, emdebian/rules)

First of all thank you for your reaction, 
Quoting Lauri Leukkunen <lauri.leukkunen@nokia.com>: 
> We're working on packaging scratchbox as a debian package. I don't know  
> when exactly this would be available, we have a "dumb" package which  
> doesn't really know how to upgrade itself currently. It isn't much  
> better than using the tar-balls from the website. 
I definitely will try it out when I have some more disk-space and an 
arm-platform capable of running some graphical interface for which I will run 
into compilation problems 
> > I would try to make 
> > as much workarounds as possible in the rules file (makefile for debian 
> source 
> > package) as these work-around would remain valid for quite a while, and 
> makes 
> > rebuilding by developer easier. 
> In my opinion you are a brave soul to attempt going at it that way. :) 
> The problems are mostly not related to Debian rules files alone. You'll  
> need to fix the original build systems themselves. 
> Luckily for us mere mortals this is just fine from scratchbox project's  
> perspective since we're really only interested in the result (==  
> cross-compiling Debian for embedded devices). If more package  
> maintainers and upstream projects are aware of cross-compiling, then it  
> will make life easier for all. 
What I tried to propose actually was: limiting as much as possible the use of 
scratchbox to the "problematic" packages. But indeed I still will need to be 
"brave", and hopefully not the only brave one :) 
> I'm not sure if I'm able to attend Fosdem. I'll try to find out if I  
> could get it arranged as it would definitely be useful. 
I hope you can make it. 
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