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Re: Re: Emdebian 'shrunken debian scheme'

Hello All,

Quoting Richard Smith <rsmith@bitworks.com>:
> What I would like to see first is some good Howto docs on generating the 
> modifications to the stock source packages for setting up the uclibc 
> build target options and managing a local repository of your build 
> packages for installing onto the target.   I'm a long time unstable user 
> of debian and can fix most any dpkg install isues but I know very little 
> about the build scripts that generate a .deb and generating/modifying 
> the dependency list.

Actually just compiling Debian packages with uclibc IMHO is not very hard. I
should test it to be absolutely sure of course. If you make sure to have a
uclibc-toolchain and compile everything (from Debian source) with the help of
dpkg-cross you get already uclibc binary packages. (you tell your Debian your
are cross-compiling (with uclibc) but actually don't, but dpkg-cross would not
know and avoid using glibc)

> A good info source on this this would allow me and probally others to 
> begin modifying the build scripts for the packages they use.  Then we 

So in this case the rules file (like the build script is called. You could check
the Debian new maintainers guide for more details I think.) does not need any
modifications. That is the beauty of the dpkg-cross package.However you did not
get rid of the extra documentation etc... Also are there options that could have
been removed to get a smaller application? Giving the user control about the
configuration (like menuconfig) if he wants to when building it from source?

Nor is there any hint that the package  has been build with uclibc... making it
very hard to differentiate between normal and emdebian packages. I would suggest
a naming cheme then which makes a difference like application-(g or

Also you could limit the choice of the libraries by using this approach.

Another problem is the installation. You need a running file-system or a sort of
chrooted environment with a working dpkg or something similar (thinking about
ipkg here) to correctly install those packages. A saner approach (thinking of
embedded development and the memory limits )is installing them in a different
directory from which you can make an image to download on your board. 


> could start pushing those mods back to the emdebian site and upstream 
> maintainers.



PS: I'm doing a master thesis about this stuff, and have worked out an approach.
However it is not finished. But I have exams now so not very much time either. I
already made a testing suite and docs which will be published when they have
been reviewed and approved by the people which are helping me on this (currently
this reviewing is being done, hopefully I can point at it by the end of the week). 

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