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Re: Status of Emdebsys????

On Mon 10 Mar, Liberty Young wrote:
> I'm very excited about using emdebsys for generating, and having our
> customers, generate their own mini-OS. I like how it will automate the
> compilation, gathering, and generation of an OS suitable for an embedded
> product. There were a few things that i'm unclear about with emdebsys:
> What is happening to it? 

Not much at the moment. It got updated to kernel 2.4.16 and to work with
ARM as well as x86, and had some useful docs done just over a year ago, and
I gave a talk about it at the UKUUG conference last June but I never got
round to updating the website so you can only get the current version from
CVS. In practice very few people (no-one?) seem to be using it so there
isn't much action.

I'm doing a project right now for which I am going to try using it which
might induce some activity

> Specifically, what is going to happen to the front end configuration,
> and are there plans to move away from CML2? 

There is a feeling that we probably ought to move away from it as it got
the thumbs-down from the kernel developers and is no longer maintained. It
also has a rather un-beatiful front end.

I haven't had time to look at the more recent kernel config stuff (kbuild?)
to see if it could be used or not. I'd be interested to hear if anyone has
any suggestions of good ways to do this or if in fact sticking with this
general-purpose config language is the best thing to do - at the expense of
less-close integration between the filesystem and kernel configuration

I note that something called Qplus is a similar config system that also
uses CML2 and is therefore in a similar spot. It may be somewhat more
developed than emdebsys (it certainly has a nicer front-end :-) - again I
haven't had a chance to check. We should almost certainly compare notes
with them.

So in short, no there isn't a plan yet.  Suggestions welcome. Like I say
once I've had a real-life attempt to use it in a project I may have some
more solid opinions. We're getting real money for this job so it should
happen pretty soon :-)

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