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Re: System-wide vs. emacs-specific info pages

On 2009-01-05 15:39 +0100, Sebastien Delafond wrote:

> On Mon, Jan 05, 2009 at 11:31:57AM +0100, Sven Joachim wrote:
>> > When that package is installed, however, it provides
>> > /usr/share/info/emacs-22/org.gz. info(1) deals with it properly,
>> > but emacs' info system then present 2 org info entries that both go to
>> > /usr/share/info/emacs-22/org.gz.
>> Not really.  One goes to emacs22/org.gz, the other to org.gz.  The
>> problem is that Emacs 22 and later hides the file name from you by
>> default, you can make it visible by setting the variable
>> Info-hide-note-references to nil.
> maybe I am misunderstanding what you say, but in this case, it's not
> just that emacs is *hiding* a file name: both info entries, when
> followed from emacs' info mode, give access to the old version of the
> org-mode manual (the one in /usr/share/info/emacs22) and not the new
> one in /usr/share/info.

I see.  The problem is that the emacs22 subdirectory comes first in
the Info-directory-list:

| Info-directory-list is a variable defined in `info.el'.
| Its value is
| ("/usr/share/info/emacs-22" "/usr/share/info/" "/usr/share/info/")

Thus both the "org" and "emacs-22/org" entries are found in
/usr/share/info/emacs-22/org.  If the emacs-22 entry would come after
/usr/share/info/, this problem could be solved.

>> The unofficial emacs-snapshot package deals with this by mangling the
>> section names and adding " (emacs-snapshot)" to them.  You could file
>> bugs against emacs22 and emacs22-non-dfsg that these packages should do
>> that as well.  See also bug #402043¹.
> I don't think 402043 is about the same problem I am describing,
> though.

Not exactly, but adding a suffix to the emacs22 info entries would
also eliminate your problem.


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