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System-wide vs. emacs-specific info pages


I'm trying to solve bug #490053: in a nutshell, my org-mode packages
ships /usr/share/info/org.gz, which both info(1) and emacs' "C-h
i" see fine when emacs22-common-non-dfsg.

When that package is installed, however, it provides
/usr/share/info/emacs-22/org.gz. info(1) deals with it properly,
but emacs' info system then present 2 org info entries that both go to

I know very little about the info system in general, and much less
about how emacs handles it, but I would be glad to hear suggestions on
how to have emacs' info-more behave more like info(1) with regard to
multiple info nodes sharing the same name.



PS: please CC me, as I am not subscribed to the list.

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