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Re: font question in emacs22-gtk

Peter Smerdon <psmerdon@gmail.com> writes:

> Hi, I hope this is the correct mailing list, 

Probably help-gnu-emacs@gnu.org would be a better choice, that list is
read by more Emacs Developers.

> I am trying to get emacs22-gtk to display a pleasing, anti-aliased font
> and have been following the directions found on the wiki[0]

That wiki deals with the emacs-unicode-2 branch, in which the Xft
backend is enabled.  AFAIK nothing in this wiki applies to Emacs 22.

> I know that in the past I was able to do this but went back to running
> emacs -nw for a while, now upon returning to the gtk version I cannot
> load the font: 
> [peter@thruxton:~]% emacs22-gtk -fn 'xft:Monospace:pixelsize=9'
> No fonts match `xft:Monospace:pixelsize=9'
> [peter@thruxton:~]% 
> [peter@thruxton:~]% emacs22-gtk -fn xft:"Bitstream Vera Sans Mono-10"
> No fonts match `xft:Bitstream Vera Sans Mono-10'   
> [peter@thruxton:~]% 

That's the situation, you're out of luck with Emacs 22. :-(

> However if I call urxvt (my terminal emulator) with the exact same font
> arguments it is able to load the fonts correctly, this means they do
> exist on my system.

Running emacs -nw in a suitable terminal is really the only way to get
antialiased fonts in Emacs 22, but it also disables all graphics
support. :-/


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