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Re: Packages up for adoption

Romain Francoise writes:

> The recent discussion on debian-emacsen about Emacs 22 has prompted
> me to rethink my involvement in Emacs for Debian, and I realized
> that I have ignored the GFDL problem for much too long.  There is
> now very little hope for a reversal of this situation, and for
> better or worse, GNU manuals are now considered non-free in Debian.
> I have absolutely no intention of stripping emacs-snapshot of its
> manuals.  I consider this solution both a disservice to our users,
> and an insult to the upstream developers (and since I am somewhat
> active upstream, this includes myself).  Moving emacs-snapshot
> itself to non-free (which is, as we all know, not part of Debian)
> isn't attractive either.
> The conclusion is that I have chosen to orphan emacs-snapshot,
> effective in the just uploaded version 20070302-1 which corresponds
> to Emacs 22.0.95, possibly the last pretest before the 22.1 release.

I am very sorry to read this. :-(

Thank you very much for the excellent work you did on emacs-snapshot
in the last 18 months.  It has been a real pleasure to use it, get
competent and incredibly fast replies to bug reports and never have
serious problems with Emacs despite the weekly uploads.  Anybody who
wants to adopt emacs-snapshot will have a hard time meeting your

All the best,


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