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Packages up for adoption

The recent discussion on debian-emacsen about Emacs 22 has prompted
me to rethink my involvement in Emacs for Debian, and I realized
that I have ignored the GFDL problem for much too long.  There is
now very little hope for a reversal of this situation, and for
better or worse, GNU manuals are now considered non-free in Debian.

I have absolutely no intention of stripping emacs-snapshot of its
manuals.  I consider this solution both a disservice to our users,
and an insult to the upstream developers (and since I am somewhat
active upstream, this includes myself).  Moving emacs-snapshot
itself to non-free (which is, as we all know, not part of Debian)
isn't attractive either.

The conclusion is that I have chosen to orphan emacs-snapshot,
effective in the just uploaded version 20070302-1 which corresponds
to Emacs 22.0.95, possibly the last pretest before the 22.1 release.

This will leave me without a usable Debian-packaged version of
Emacs, I am therefore also orphaning the following packages:
- tramp
- bongo

I will also stop acting as a sponsor for the following packages:
- erc
- emacs-wiki
- muse-el
- planner-el
- remember-el


 : :' :        Romain Francoise <rfrancoise@debian.org>
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