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Sponsor for my packages needed

Would anyone be willing to sponsor me for the following packages?
I've denoted the status of the manual for each package.  I would
prefer to just remove the manuals rather than make a separate
"non-free" package for them.

 - erc (will need to remove manual)
 - emms (talked with the former package maintainer and gained consent
   to maintain this -- will need to remove manual)
 - muse-el (already removed manual)
 - planner-el (manual is GPL'd)
 - remember-el  (will need to remove manual)

Michael Olson -- FSF Associate Member #652 -- http://www.mwolson.org/
Interests: Lisp, text markup, protocols -- Jabber: mwolson_at_hcoop.net
  /` |\ | | | Projects: Emacs, Muse, ERC, EMMS, Planner, ErBot, DVC
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