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Re: emacs22 Debian package?

On March 2, 2007 at 7:13PM +0100,
dak (at gnu.org) wrote:

> > Hmm, you make an objection to uploading Debian emacs22 package
> > version 22.0.x even in Debian experimental/unstable/testing...
> There is no "version 22.0.x", this is merely an internal string for
> keeping track of pretests.

I feel that's too extreme.  emacs/README says "version 22.0.95 of
GNU Emacs" and the value of emacs-version is "22.0.95".

> I consider it completely pointless to upload "emacs22" before Emacs 22
> is released, since emacs-snapshot is available in unstable.

(Oops, emacs-snapshot is now orphaned!)

The points are testing the emacs22 flavor for Elisp Debian packages
and testing the emacs22 Debian package itself.  I guess some Elisp
Debian packages fail with emacs22 (e.g. byte-compilation fails if
emacsen-install uses whitelist without emacs22).  emacs22 Debian
package by Rob (emacs maintainer, not emacs-snapshot maintainer)
will be reviewed by other developers.

I've revised my proposal:

* Upload emacs22 to Debian experimental ASAP.
  - Just "experimental", to prevent the confusion of the release conditions.
* Upload emacs22 to Debian unstable after 22.1 is released.
  - Provide `emacs' metapackage by emacs22.
  - Prefer emacs22 instead of emacs21 by Elisp packages.
  - Remove emacs21 if unnecessary.
* Migrate emacs22 from Debian unstable to Debian testing after some days
  without RC bugs.
* If emacs22 is in Debian testing, emacs22 will be included in Debian
  stable release.


Tatsuya Kinoshita

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