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Re: New DFSG-compliant emacs packages

Mike O'Connor <stew@vireo.org> writes:

> +++ David Kastrup [26/10/06 19:39 +0200]:
>>I think you'll be hard put to find any maintainer or developer of an
>>Emacs or XEmacs application who would not rather use a self-compiled
>>Emacs than the Debian contraptions.
> I guess we'll see if that is true.  I doubt it will be true.

It _is_ already true.  It is not possible to find anybody on either
the Emacs or XEmacs developer lists who could understand or use the
the Debian packaging implementation.  I tried, as AUCTeX maintainer.
That has nothing to do with the doc/code split.  I am just saying that
one need not consider maintainers/developers of Emacs or XEmacs based
applications since they can't work with the Debian packaging, anyway.
Asking on either developer list will have people tell you "I tried a
few times, then gave up".  So active Emacs/XEmacs package developers
are out of the loop, anyway.  The Debian packages cater to users only.

>>So even if we stipulate that experts could get along without
>>documentation, experts won't use Debian packages in the first place.
>>The target audience are beginners and advanced users.
> I think Debian's target audience would be more accurately
> characterized as "People that want to use a free operating system",
> than "beginners and advanced users".  Debian has never really been
> an operating system targetting beginners.

Everybody starts out as a beginner with every operating system.  One
does not acquire expertise with Debian before starting with Debian.

So can we please stop the strange assumption that everybody who wants
to use Debian is by necessity already an expert with Debian and its

David Kastrup, Kriemhildstr. 15, 44793 Bochum

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