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Re: Bug#207932: Consequences of moving Emacs Manuals to non-free

>>>>>  JM == Jérôme Marant [2006-3-15]

JM> Quoting "Davide G. M. Salvetti" <salve-evlas@debian.org>:

>> However, based on your above considerations, what exactly would be
>> the problem for newbies and/or experienced users with emacs21 and
>> emacs-snapshot being moved into contrib?

JM> Because Emacs is technically able to work without its info manual,
JM> so there is no reason for a strong dependency on its documentation.

This is true, but does not answer my question.  You /are not forced/ to
declare a "strong dependency" on the documentation, but you /are free/
to declare it nevertheless.  Rephrasing my question: what will be most
useful to users?  I think having Emacs to depend on (or recommend) its
documentation will be more useful than having Emacs merely to suggest

JM> Moving Emacs to contrib does not change anything to the fact that
JM> documentation need to be removed from its main tarball and moved
JM> to non-free.

That's granted.

JM> Remember: contrib is for _free_ works that depend on non-free
JM> works.

Precisely: if you move Emacs into contrib, you can _depend_ (rather than
suggest) on its docu.

JM> Unless you move Emacs to non-free in its entirety, some amount
JM> of work will have to be done.

No: if you allow Emacs to depend on its "non DFSG compliant as per the
interpretation of DFSG the project is holding nowadays" documentation,
you will have to do just nothing.  You will have to patch it if you keep
it in main.

Thanks, Davide

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