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Re: Bug#207932: Consequences of moving Emacs Manuals to non-free


I would like to support the request of Sven Joachim: I think that
emacs21 and emacs-snapshot should depend on or recommend the newly added
"non-free" doc package.  Therefore, consistently, emacs21 and
emacs-snapshot should go into the contrib section.

>>>>>  JM == Jérôme Marant [2006-3-14]

JM> Newbies usually don't use Emacs. Experienced users are smart enough
JM> to add non-free to their source.list APT file, and grab docs from there.
JM> Were are talking about the info documentation.

I do not share your statement about newbies not using Emacs.  However,
based on your above considerations, what exactly would be the problem
for newbies and/or experienced users with emacs21 and emacs-snapshot
being moved into contrib?

JM> I think that docs are going to be moved to an emacs-docs package and
JM> emacs21 will suggest it. I don't think it should go to contrib.

It's your call, of course, but I think a suggestion really is not
adequate to the case at hand, as Sven already argued.

JM> I guess some patches will have to be added to handle such cases,
JM> yes.

Last, but not least, I think that spending time on patching Emacs to
remove dependencies from the docs its a complete waste of time.  The
Debian Project does not require the Emacs package maintainer to do it:
moving GNU Emacs into contrib will allow depending on the docs and will
avoid this (useless, in my eyes) time consuming need.  However, of
course, it's the choice of the package maintainer, not mine.  As an
emacsen add-on package maintainer, I can say that I will have no problem
moving auctex and mailcrypt to contrib as a consequence of Emacs moving

JM> I'm sorry you don't like this. I'm not really fond of it either, but
JM> I have the choice of either do what the Project decided or resign
JM> from the Project. I've chosen the former.

Your choice is fully compatible with Emacs moving into contrib.  Think
of it.

Anyway, many thanks for your job! .-)

Thanks, Davide

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