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Re: emacs-snapshot uploaded to unstable

csj@myrealbox.com writes:

> How would the "snapshot" package affect the "stable" version of
> Emacs already installed by a user, particulary with regard to the
> configuration files? The Description and Conflicts fields of the
> various packages don't give any indication whether or not this
> package can be safely installed alongside the stable version.

It is a completely separate installation, and I recommend keeping the
stable version installed alongside, in case the snapshot is too buggy to
be usable (which should not happen, but you never know).

Your configuration files should just work unless you have very low-level
stuff (complex advice, etc).  However, if you use emacs-snapshot to
_add_ new customization items to your configuration files, you might end
up with incompatible changes.

It is perfectly safe to install emacs-snapshot, try it, and remove it if
you don't wish to keep it.  Note that the 'emacs' command will point to
the stable version (emacs21) by default even after installing
emacs-snapshot.  If you wish to make emacs-snapshot the default Emacs
flavor on your system, run 'update-alternatives --config emacs' as root.


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