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Re: emacs-snapshot uploaded to unstable

* csj@myrealbox.com (csj@myrealbox.com) wrote:

  |>  How would the "snapshot" package affect the "stable" version of
  |>  Emacs already installed by a user, particulary with regard to the
  |>  configuration files? The Description and Conflicts fields of the
  |>  various packages don't give any indication whether or not this
  |>  package can be safely installed alongside the stable version.

I have both versions installed side by side and have noticed no

I used update-alternatives to make emacs-snapshot the default emacs,
and I get the stable version by way of the command emacs21.

I have not experienced any difficulty so far with this setup.

And this is my opportunity to say thanks to those responsible for this
effort. It's really wondeful to have access to this new version,


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