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Re: emacs-snapshot uploaded to unstable

csj@myrealbox.com writes:
> How would the "snapshot" package affect the "stable" version of
> Emacs already installed by a user, particulary with regard to the
> configuration files? The Description and Conflicts fields of the
> various packages don't give any indication whether or not this
> package can be safely installed alongside the stable version.

I believe any interference could be reasonable considered a bug (since
presumably this will morph fairly seamlessly into emacs22 once it has
been sprinkled with holy gnu pee, which people seem confident will
happen sometime before etch is released :).

I have both the gtk version and emacs21 installed on my laptop and
have had no problems---though, honestly, I'm considering uninstalling
emacs21 just to save a little space and because it's not being used.


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