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Re: emacs-snapshot problems

Le 31 oct 2004, Jérôme Marant vraute :

> > I must  tell that i have  also the genuine emacs21  package installed to
> > allow installation of some  other elisp packages (emacs_wiki, nxml, ...)
> > and it seems that emacs21 with emacs-snapshot together seem to have some
> > undesirable board effects.
> Such as?

Mainly doc & tramp problems i described.
Oh, i remember also that ecb stopped to function within emacs-snapshot :
"ECB requires semantic [1.4, 1.4.9]  and eieio [0.17, 0.17.9]. Download now?
(y or n) "
Semantic and eieio are debian apt-get installed packages.
Also strange behavior of moy-bbdb, a package by Matthieu Moy that enables to
ask for adding recipients to bbdb at sending time. Currently it does not ask
anymore but do adds to base.

> > Xavier had  just told me to  look at this list  and i find  that i fight
> > with the same problems other people already had. For example :
> > - on-line  documentation is  partially broken  : sometimes  it  fails to
> >   access /usr/share/emacs/21.3.50/etc/DOC- (looks very like Kai
> >   had  and  following  what  was  said  on  the  list  i  did  the  make
> >   maintainer-clean)
> It is  strange. The  ".7" extension  means that emacs  has been  many more
> times than what does the package.

Not sure to understand. Has been what many more times ? Compiled ?

> Basically, I use make bootstrap  and I shall get DOC- only. Then,
> when I  need to build  a with another  toolkit (like GTK),  make distclean
> removes any DOC* file.

Well, when i build emacs "by hand"  as for making osx installer or for "make
install" installation, i use to "make maintainer-clean" and "make bootstrap"
to ensure a clean build.

I  did not  take  care of  what  did the  dpkg-buildpackage  exactly, but  i
remember i made a maintainer-clean before.

Maybe I could  try another "make maintainer-clean" and  then another package
compilation ?

> > - tramp (provided with cvs package)  is totally broken : i cannot access
> >   any
> > ftp site for example and it also keeps on failing to display help
> What tramp cvs package?

The  one that  is provided  by cvs  emacs (ssems  to be  2.4.45).  It cannot
connect anymore  nor it can  display help (i  guess to explain why  it can't

> > I suppose  that there is a problem  with the path, that  some lisp files
> > are  seen several  times and  that  for emacs-snapshot  some files  from
> > emacs21 are loaded.
> You need to provide details so we can possibly diagnose. Thanks.

Actually, i don't know exactly where to search problems :(

I also added  a file in /etc/emacs-snapshot/site-start.d to  help fixing the
flavor :
,----[ 01emacs-snapshot-fixes.el ]
| (setq load-path (append '("/usr/local/share/emacs/site-lisp") load-path))
| (setq load-path (append '("/usr/share/emacs/site-lisp") load-path))
| (defconst flavor 'emacs-snapshot
|   "A symbol representing the particular debian flavor of emacs running.
|                     Something like 'emacs20, 'xemacs20, etc.")

I  could ask  the  question in  other manner  :  do people  that are  trying
emacs-snapshot managed to have  peaceful co-existence of emacs-snapshot and
emacs-21 and have both installations fully operational ?

> > Hopefully Gnus  is mainly still  functional :) (some problems  with bbdb
> > remain)
> What's the problem with bbdb?

What i said about moy-bbdb upwards.

> > Also, i wonder why emacs-snapshot  cannot replace the emacs21 instead of
> > installing aside. Maybe it would simplify those problems ?
> We don't want that. A stable emacs release shall always be around in case
> of troubles.

Okay, so  it seems  that i  have to look  further for  better emacs-snapshot
flavor configuration.
I  remember that  i also  re-defined the  emacs flavor  to default  use with

> > So, maybe a good soul in the list could help me to debug that stuff ?
> Sure.

Cool :)
I hope that  you would better see  what problems i have. Anyway,  ask if you
want me to develop some point.

Sébastien Kirche

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