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emacs-snapshot problems


I use to follow the Emacs CVS development and i am also under Debian.
Upon advice from  Xavier Maillard some weeks ago, i  installed the work from
Jérôme Marant to build clean Debian Emacs packages.

I  had no  difficulties for  the  patching/building part.  But the  packages
installation was quite more difficult.
I followed the tips given at http://usefulinc.com/edd/notes/CVSEmacsOnDebian
but did not manage to have all fixed.

I must tell that i have  also the genuine emacs21 package installed to allow
installation of  some other  elisp packages (emacs_wiki,  nxml, ...)  and it
seems  that   emacs21  with  emacs-snapshot  together  seem   to  have  some
undesirable board effects.

Xavier had just  told me to look at  this list and i find that  i fight with
the same problems other people already had. For example :
- on-line  documentation is partially broken  : sometimes it  fails to access
  /usr/share/emacs/21.3.50/etc/DOC-  (looks very  like Kai  had and
  following what was said on the list i did the make maintainer-clean)
- tramp (provided with cvs package)  is totally broken : i cannot access any
  ftp site for example and it also keeps on failing to display help

I suppose that  there is a problem  with the path, that some  lisp files are
seen several times  and that for emacs-snapshot some  files from emacs21 are

Hopefully Gnus is mainly still functional :) (some problems with bbdb remain)

Also,  i wonder  why emacs-snapshot  cannot replace  the emacs21  instead of
installing aside. Maybe it would simplify those problems ?

So, maybe a good soul in the list could help me to debug that stuff ?
Thanks for any feedback.

Sébastien Kirche

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