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Re: [Q]: Emacs CVS status

* Kai Grossjohann <kai@emptydomain.de> wrote:

> I'm not sure I'm buying this.  People who install emacs-snapshot wish
> to use it, and this includes editing LaTeX documents.

...and installing the other add-on packages for Emacs in Debian. :-)

Should I send a bug report to the BTS that emacs-goodies-el fails to
build on the debianized CVS Emacs?

> Furthermore, I expect that the CVS Emacs is only used by people who
> know what they are doing ;-)

I hope I know what I'm doing although I'm not a Lisp hacker.

> But you're right in that people who install auctex might not expect to
> have such problems -- perhaps we need another package auctex-snapshot
> which makes it clear what is happening?


Use at your own risk as Frank once said.

"Ich möchte die Pommes und die Cola behalten, aber ich möchte diesen Hamburger
wieder zurückschicken. Und wenn Ihr wieder Mayonnaise drauf tut, dann komm ich
zu Dir nach Hause, hack Dir die Beine ab, leg Feuer und seh zu, wie Du Dich auf
Deinen blutigen Stümpfen ins Freie schleppst, okay, Pierre?"

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