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Re: Can't send mail with Gnus! :(

On 14 Dec 2003, jmarant@nerim.net wrote:

> Arnaud Vandyck <avdyk@debian.org> writes:
>> You can also set some groups parameters with 'G c' ;)... ok, you
>> got to do it by hand for each groups ;)
> This is the pain I was talking about.

That why one should use gnus-parameters!

(setq gnus-parameters
         (auto-expire . t)
         (total-expire . t)
         (gnus-show-threads . t)
         (gcc-self . t)
         (visible . t)
         (display . all)
         (to-address . "\\1@lists.debian.org")
         (to-list . "\\1@lists.debian.org")
         (subscribed . t)
         (broken-reply-to . t)
          (signature ,user-full-name)
          (address ,user-mail-address)
          (name ,user-full-name))

Linh Dang

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