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Can't send mail with Gnus! :(

Hi all,

I prefer to send a mail here before sending a bug report because I know
some of you use Gnus and send mail with it.

I'm switching from Mew (I love it but I receive too many mails) to Gnus
(so powerfull but a bit hard to configure!) and I have some problems to
send mails with Gnus *on some accounts*!

Example: I can send a mail to my debian.org address, but impossible to
send a mail to a debian mailing list.

After reading and asking on gnu.emacs.gnus, I think some people does
have the same problem. Do we all have configuration issues or is it a
problem with the latest emacs/gnus/smtpmail?

Many thanks for your help because I think I'm starting to love Gnus but
if I cannot send a mail with it, I don't think we'll walk together for a
long time :p

Best regards,

PS: Also, if you know other groups or mailing-lists.

  .''`. Arnaud Vandyck
 : :' : http://people.debian.org/~avdyk/
 `. `'  

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