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Re: Can't send mail with Gnus! :(

*  (Jérôme Marant)

| Since you CC'ed me on reply, I guess you don't use such group parameters :-)

((and (message-mail-p) (stringp gnus-newsgroup-name) (tfheen-debian-group-p))
     (to (tfheen-debian-find-recipients))
     (cc nil))

(as posting style params)

(defun tfheen-debian-find-recipients ()
  "Try to find all the recipients on debian lists."
      (set-buffer gnus-article-buffer)
      (or (message-fetch-field "Mail-Followup-To")
           (mapconcat '(lambda(x) 
                         (if (string-match ".*@lists.debian.org" (car x))
                             (car x) nil))
                      (tfheen-get-recipients-parsed) ", "))))

(defun tfheen-get-recipients-parsed ()
  (set-buffer gnus-article-buffer)
  (append (mail-header-parse-addresses 
           (message-fetch-field "to"))
           (message-fetch-field "cc")))))

Seems to work so far, at least. :)

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