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Re: Can't send mail with Gnus! :(

Jérôme Marant <jmarant@nerim.net> wrote:

> I've always wanted to switch from Gnus to another Emacs MUA because I
> don't like its design (its API that is), but I failed to find anything
> equivalent.  And I'm afraid, MH-E is VM-like, according to its
> documentation (no offence). And VM lacks many important features.

Well, see below.  The MH-E documentation is actually obsolete.  The new
manual documenting all the new stuff is be released with the next
version (V8.0).  The modern MH-E is _not_ the once in packaged emacs21
(although the CVS Emacs does have a more recent version, it also
doesn't have the latest version; 7.3 vs 7.4.3).  The Debian package of
MH-E is the last stable release.  The CVS tree has a few extra features.

> So far, if Gnus didn't exist, I would use Wanderlust
> http://www.gohome.org/wl which offers quite some interesting features.
> For me, a good MUA needs to handle:
> - Multiple mailboxes

MH-E simply lies on top on an MH implementation.  While there is POP
support in nmh (and IMAP in mu-mh), I simply use fetchmail to get my
mail, which gives it to postfix which gives it to procmail.  Therefore
having multiple mailboxes is not a problem.

> - Hierachical folders : sorting mailboxes in different folders 

Procmail can do this, either into separate mail spools or directly into
MH folders.  I do the former, and have an xbuffy displaying the newmail
count of 17 different spool files.  Clicking on them makes MH-E read
the spool file in question.

> - Mailing lists: when replying to the list, setting "To:" properly
>   as well as Mail-Followup-To

MH-E has this for the M-F-T and any other field you wish to set based on
who you are sending to.  I coded it.  Customize `mh-auto-fields-list'.
I'm not sure what you seem by setting the To: field.  There is a `reply
to all' command.

> - Multiple personalities: sets of address+organisation+signature and so on
>   that you can switch on the fly

MH-E has got that.  I coded it.  See the second screenshot in 

You can also set an identity as part of the  `mh-auto-fields-list' above.

> - at least: POP, IMAP, Mbox and Maildir 
> (I must have forgotten many features)

Well, it's got to be MH style mail files.

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