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Re: future of emacs20

Hmm, well perhaps the slowdown we saw here has something to do with
local conditions.

Miles Bader wrote:

|> Can you be more specific than just `general slowdown'?
|> E.g. Does the slowdown:
|>   * occur locally or only with remote X connections?  [the most common case]
|>   * occur using `emacs -nw' too, or just running under X?

It occurs locally (no remote X) but only under X. Emacs -nw is fine.

I'll try to get answers to your other questions later today (I don't
use these machines myself; I just listen to users' complaints),

|> Well, sure, but I think the goal here is to come up with a reasonably
|> focused list of `if it's slow for you, try changing these things.'
|> That way a user could carry over their old environment, and get up to speed
|> fairly quickly

Absolutely; more than reasonable.


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