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Re: future of emacs20

>>>>> "JM" == Jim McCloskey <mcclosk@ucsc.edu> writes:

JM> |> While there are specific problem areas in emacs 21, mostly related to
JM> |> traffic over the X connection, I think most of those problems can be
JM> |> worked around by tweaking the configuration appropriately (e.g., toolbar
JM> |> too slow? turn off the toolbar!), and I'm not aware of any general
JM> |> slowdown.

JM> Hmm, well, general slowdown is certainly what we saw here. These were
JM> users who carried over their emacs20 configurations to emacs21, which is
JM> not an unreasonable thing to want to do in general, if you've spent a
JM> lot of time tweaking it for the tasks you regularly perform.

I  use Emacs  21 on  a cleaned  (re-Debian-orthodoxized) knoppix  on a
Hyunday laptop  (PII 233,  64 Mb,  dead slow disk)  with the  Emacs 20
configuration file I  had under Windows (office box).  I commented the
Windows specific  stuff, removed  the toolbar (ugly  & useless)  and I
feel NO slowdown.

O.K.  if  I open  Emacs,  then  Mozilla  and then  OpenOffice  (making
wmbubble  duck  drow  :)  )  _then_ there's  some  slowdown  due  slow

And yes, JDE is faster on a PIII mobile @933MHz with 256 Mb :) :)

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