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Re: Emacs mail reader

I wrote:

> csj <csj@myrealbox.com> wrote:
> > I'm looking for an easy to configure native emacs mail reader. By
> > "native" I mean of course that it's an -el(isp) package (the better to
> > make it work with emacspeak). By"easy" I mean something other than gnus
> > ;-). An additional requirement is that it can work with the MH mail
> > folders I already use with my Mutt and Sylpheed-Claws setup. 
> Gee, an elisp mail reader, that's easy to configure and understands MH
> folders... 
> How about MH-E ?  ;-)

I missed the part about emacspeak.  I have no idea what would be needed
to make that work.  But you could join the crew and make it work!  ;-)


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