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Re: x-symbol package dangerous in multibyte environment

Janusz S. Bień wrote:
Thanks for quick answer.

I can't reproduce the problem with the version of x-symbol in
unstable/testing (4.43-4).

I tried it with emacs21 and LANG=pl_PL.  The saved file is
identical to the loaded one.  Janusz, can you test it?  The
package is at:


On Thu, 31 Oct 2002  Steve Dunham <dunham@cse.msu.edu> wrote:

is a "reportbug" package that should help you out in the

Do I remember correctly that there is also an Emacs interface to the
bug tracking system?

Maybe, but all you have to do is send a normal email message
to <submit@bugs.debian.org> with the following text at the
beginning of the email:

Package: x-symbol
Version: 4.0g-1

You should follow that by a description of the problem. If the
bug causes data loss, you can add "Severity: grave".  There
are detailed instructions at:


(remove the .pl if you want the english version.)

"reportbug" is a just a program that helps you write the
email, I've never actually used it myself.

After you file the bug report it will show up at:


(It may take a few minutes.)


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