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RE: x-symbol package dangerous in multibyte environment

 >> If you use the `setq' mentioned at the beginning, your problem should
 >> disappear.

 > The problem is not only mine and it is general.

It's general for all people where ALL of the following conditions are

 * they have a non-latin-1 default coding system (or read files with the
   coding: spec) which produces/reads 8bit chars ().

 * they use \usepackage[latinN]{inputenc} where N != 1

 * their system does not have the locale command

 * they don't read the warnings issued by X-Symbol (OK, it's a bit
   hidden with Emacs < 21.4).

 * they don't read carefully the installation instruction while using
   beta software.

 > This should be remedied as soon as possible, either by you or by the
 > Debian package maintainer.

As I said, probably next week.  BTW, you are allowed to send patches.

- Christoph

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