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Re: CR's in Woody Emacs/Gnus articles

Dmitry Paduchih <paduch@imm.uran.ru> writes:

> Oh!  But doesn't fetchmail's parameter stripcr fix this problem with ^M?

Oh, most probably, yes.  But as there is no problem to start with
until fetchmail suddenly decides that today it will fork sendmail
instead of talking smtp, it's not an option I'd usually have enabled.

Odd ^M behaviour is not really the worst thing that could happen with
this failure mode.  Suppose I had fetchmail configured to deliver to
another system - or I had a forwarder listening on port 25 so that
fetchmail thought it was delivering locally but the mail was actually
going elsewhere.  Who's to say that my "sendmail" program is going to
produce the same result?  Who's to say it even _works_?

Anyway, this is off-topic for debian-emacsen, so I'll stop here...



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