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Re: CR's in Woody Emacs/Gnus articles

Hello and thanks for the replies.  

I don't know how long it would have taken me to even think of
fetchmail and exim.  I think the problem was as Daniel Barlow
described, exim was not listening so fetchmail was doing something
else.  I thought fetchmail would fail when it couldn't find an smtp
port, but I think it was simply putting the mail in a spool file.
Once I restarted exim and fetchmail, those ^M's disappeared.

The stripcr option for fetchmail also removed them, but I thought it
would be better to fix the source of the problem, rather than use this
option.  In addition to the ^M's, I saw a lot of MIME content and
boundary markers.  I don't think mail coming in with attachments was
being handled correctly either.

Finally, for solutions within Gnus, the gnus-treat-strip-cr worked for
the message bodies, but not for the headers.  My elisp programming is
pretty weak.  If I had:

(setq gnus-treat-strip-cr t)

 the ^M's were removed from the message body.  If I had:

(setq gnus-treat-strip-cr head)

the ^M's were removed from the headers, but not the body.  I need to
get back to the elisp-intro.

Have a good evening.

Brian Flaherty

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