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CR's in Woody Emacs/Gnus articles


I just changed my apt sources.list to testing yesterday and did a
relatively big upgrade.  One of the things that has happened though is
that now Gnus shows all the Ctrl-M's at the end of the lines in mail I
get from people using other OS's and from the web (e.g., Yahoo).  I
found W-c, but I get tired of hitting that every time.  I tried to add
the function to the article display hook, but I assume I am doing it
incorrectly, as it did not change anything:

(add-hook 'gnus-article-display-hook 'gnus-article-remove-cr)

I have been using Gnus for a couple years (but Debian for only about 6
months) and I have never seen this before.  It seemed Gnus always did
the right thing automatically.  Can anyone tell me what I am missing
or what I need to change?  Thanks for any suggestions.

Brian Flaherty

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