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Re: CR's in Woody Emacs/Gnus articles

Alan Shutko <ats@acm.org> writes:

> bxf4@psu.edu (Brian P. Flaherty) writes:
> > I just changed my apt sources.list to testing yesterday and did a
> > relatively big upgrade.  One of the things that has happened though is
> > that now Gnus shows all the Ctrl-M's at the end of the lines in mail I
> > get from people using other OS's and from the web (e.g., Yahoo).
> I've seen that happen after a few upgrades.  Usually, restarting
> fetchmail (which I run in daemon mode) fixes it.  I don't know where
> it comes from.

Ah, fetchmail!

If fetchmail can't connect to an smtp server on port 25, it falls back
to piping messages directly into sendmail.  On my system (sendmail is
actually exim) this seems to introduces ^M at the end of each line.

So it seems plausible that fetchmail in daemon mode could attempt a
delivery while exim is stopped during an upgrade.  I don't know how
long it carries on delivering messages this way before retesting for a
local smtp server - or indeed if it retests at all.  I run it from the
command line; I can confirm that it doesn't retest during a single run

I dunno if this is a fetchmail bug or an exim bug or neither.  It's
irritating DWIM behaviour on the part of fetchmail which doesn't sit
at all well with its author's claims about the Unix Philosophy(sic),
but that's a rant for another time.



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