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Re: sml-mode

* Colin Walters <walters@debian.org> [2001-10-26 05:11]:

> Jens Peter Secher <jpsecher@diku.dk> writes:
> > OK. [This "general rule" should be added to the Emacs Policy, then.]
> Agreed.

What about the patch below?  (I just did some cut & paste from the present
thread.  Colin and Peter will recognize their words.)

--- debian-emacs-policy	Fri Oct 26 12:55:09 2001
+++ debian-emacs-policy-new	Fri Oct 26 13:11:48 2001
@@ -219,6 +219,16 @@
      file.  emacsen-common will make sure that the install/remove
      scripts are ordered to respect inter-add-on package dependencies.
+  E) Each add-on package may use debconf to ask site-specific 
+     configuration questions.  As a general rule, packages should
+     prompt if their general setup overrides the usual emacsen
+     behaviour.  Just setting up a few autoloads and adding items to
+     auto-mode-alist are no strong reasons for prompting, especially
+     if there is no other entry in auto-mode-alist for the filetypes
+     added.  Keep in mind that users can always override things, since
+     their ~/.emacs (or ~/.xemacs/init.el) is evaluated after the
+     Debian site packages. 
 7) Mandatory binary symlink
    Each emacsen main package must have a symlink
Rafael Laboissiere

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