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Re: sml-mode

Colin Walters wrote:

> Jens Peter Secher <jpsecher@diku.dk> writes:
> > Package: sml-mode
> > Architecture: all
> > Depends: emacs20 | emacsen, debconf
> > Description: A major Emacs mode for editing Standard ML.
> >  It provides syntax highlighting and automatic indentation and
> >  comes with sml-proc which allows interaction with an inferior SML
> >  interactive loop.
> Your package looks good.  I only have two small issues with it:
> 1) It prompts for whether or not to install the package site-wide; is
>    this really necessary?  The other Debian emacs packages just do
>    this automatically, or at least the ones I use.  Did you have some
>    reason for doing this?  It would be good to have consistency among
>    the various packages.

The general rule is to prompt if general setup overrides Emacs
behaviour.  So don't prompt if no version of Emacs support this
mode, but prompt otherwise (e.g. auctex overrides regular
latex-mode, so it prompts).

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