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Re: sml-mode

Jens Peter Secher <jpsecher@diku.dk> writes:

> OK. [This "general rule" should be added to the Emacs Policy, then.]


> Hmm, well, there are /many/ emacs add-ons.  Each individual user
> might want some particular add-on.  If I were administering a site
> with thousands of users, I would not load /every/ emacs add-on,
> site-wide.  ("What the heck is Standard ML, anyway?")

Well, we're just setting up a few autoloads and frobbing
auto-mode-alist.  This is rather unintrusive, especially if there is
no other entry in auto-mode-alist for the filetypes added.

> Furthermore, what happens when two emacs modes claim the same
> file-name extensions (eg., ".p")?

Tough call.  But keep in mind that users can always override things,
since their ~/.emacs is evaluated after the Debian site packages.

> In conclusion, If I am not missing something obvious, I think the
> "general rule" should be reconsidered; but if you all insist, I will
> remove the "Install site-wide" *debconf* question from postinst.

I don't personally insist; as the package maintainer it's your

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