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Re: enhanced debian-changelog-mode.el

karlheg@cathcart.sysc.pdx.edu (Karl M. Hegbloom) writes:

>  It would be good to have a mode that uses Gnus and/or W3 to
>  facilitate bug manipulation as well.  I've thought only that it
>  should exist, and not much about how it ought to work.  Any ideas?

I'm a little dubious about Gnus, especially since some may prefer VM
or something.  :-)

I'm really hoping that the bug system will be available through LDAP
someday soon.  Failing that, I could probably use HTTP (though I'd
rather use it directly, rather than depend on the presence of W3).

>  The email approach would have the advantage over CGI that it would
>  work while offline.  You could ask it to retrieve the summary
>  information, wait by the mailbox until it comes in, then hang up the
>  line.

Kind of annoying to have emacs sitting there waiting for an arbitrary
email to come in.  Especially if you're offline.  To be really useful,
interactively, you want something available at a socket layer, like
LDAP or HTTP.  Which won't work offline, but then, you really can't do
interactive stuff with the BTS unless you have access to the BTS....

What I'm thinking of is something like:  you press C-c C-b (`b' for
"bug closer"), and it asks you for the bug number.  If you press `?',
it tries to browse the bugs for that package, and, if it can't access
the BTS, then it tells you that, and you decide whether you just want
to enter a number manually or abort.  Obviously, for something like
that, email is not a reasonable option.

But this is a long way from being working code in any case.  :-)

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