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Re: enhanced debian-changelog-mode.el

Chris Waters wrote:

> I'm working on an enhanced version of debian-changelog-mode.el.  I
> deliberately started with font-lock and menus, the parts that may have
> portability issues, so I'd like to solicit feedback.  So far, I have
> tested only on emacs20; I'd like to hear from the Xemacs users.

Good idea.  There are a number of things which appear broken for
me in debian-changelog-mode anyway.

A few _quick_ comments.  A diff to my installed version shows you
added menus and font-lock, so perhaps this line is premature:

 ;; This version has been heavily modified and enhanced by Chris Waters

Also, since you are _adding_ to existing code, it would be polite
to respect the indentation used: don't use hanging closing
parens, like:

>      (3 font-lock-constant-face))
> ))

Also, I'd add optional whitespace space between "bug" and "#" and
also make the colon optional:

    ;; bug closers
    ("\\(closes:\\) *\\(\\(bug\\)?#[0-9]+\\(, *\\(bug\\)?#[0-9]+\\)*\\)"
    ("\\(closes:?\\) *\\(\\(bug *\\)?#[0-9]+\\(, *\\(bug *\\)?#[0-9]+\\)*\\)"

Untested, but you get the idea.  
If you want to be sure to fontify a `closes bug' line, implement
a debian-changelog-close-bug function.  That could lead to a more
universal format used that users could grep for, etc.

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