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Re: Goodbye Wolfgang!!!

On Thu, Jun 8, 2023 at 7:20 PM Mike Gabriel <mike.gabriel@das-netzwerkteam.de> wrote:
Dear Wolfgang,

today I saw with sadness that you removed yourself from the Uploaders: 
fields of all the Debian Edu packages.

I need to say: THANKS A LOT FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE FOR Debian Edu!!!! 
We will miss your meticulous work on Debian Edu / Skolelinux.

May you be well and healthy! Hope to see you again somewhere some time!!!

 From the heart,

I made a visualization of contributions to debian-edu over time:

It can certainly be customized and improved, `gource` has lots of options.
I have included some instructions on the description, in case someone wants to reproduce it.


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