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Re: Testing Debian Edu specific ISO images -- 2022-03-26

Hi all, hi Wolfgang,

On  Fr 18 Mär 2022 18:40:30 CET, Wolfgang Schweer wrote:

Hi Mike,

[ Mike Gabriel, 2022-03-18 ]
I can do some tests, but not over the weekend, I can schedule them for Monday.

Will that be sufficient? Do you know?

Well, once the tests are done, the Debian CD team will push the new ISOs to
the mirrors, the previous ISO images will be no longer available.

I think the Edu team should care for working ISO images at any time. In
the past, all Edu image tests were just fine, but this is no guarantee
for the future.

Also, are the tests you did documented somewhere in more detail?

No. Besides information for the Debian CD team about installations using
other languages than English, this documentation serves more or less as a
reminder for future tests. Just test what needs to be tested.

Other than simply installing a combined server from the ISO image, did
you run some (smoke) tests inside the installed system? (Create LDAP
users, add hosts, etc.?)

I've always tested if GOsa access is working, if users and systems show
up, and -- in case of point releases -- if Debian Edu related bugs are
really fixed, and if LTSP clients and PXE installations are working.

Also, if the menus/submenus show up correctly and if all localization
packages are installed esp. in case of an offline installation of a
combined server, eg. testing Thunderbird.

Also, where do you get the test numbers that you use in

These test numbers have been agreed upon with the Debian CD team. The
new page
will be created by the Debian CD team at the next point release day as a
somehow cleaned up and adjusted copy from Bullseye_r2 with the test
numbers already contained, see the history of the 11.2 page as an
example (scroll to the bottom):

Same should apply to the 10.12 point release file as a copy of the 10.11 one:


I want to let you know that I haven't gotten around to doing the required ISO image tests for the past 3 point releases.

My problem is that it is rather family life incompatible to hang around on a Saturday/Sunday and run various ISO image installation tests. And during the week, work requires to much attention these days.

Maybe anyone else can imagine running those ISO image tests as described above (and in other mails of this thread)?


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