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Re: Starting a diskless workstation on the main LAN

On Fri, Sep 2, 2022 at 9:02 AM Petter Reinholdtsen <pere@hungry.com> wrote:
[Dashamir Hoxha]
> Am I missing something? Or there is something wrong.

Did you add the workstation to the netgroup with access to mounting home
directories?  It might happen automaticaly over night based on
sitesummary collected information, I am not sure how that currently

I saw somewhere on the docs that diskless clients on the main LAN should work:
"Interestingly, you can choose to run a diskless workstation or a thin client on the skolelinux net."

So, I tested again client1 (the one on the LTSP LAN) and it was having the same problems as client2 (the one on the main LAN). But it was working a few days ago. I remembered (after trying a few other things) that a few days ago I was giving 2GB RAM to the diskless client, and later I switched to 1GB RAM. I removed the client and created it again with 2GB RAM, and it was working again. I was lucky.

This seems a bit strange because the Xfce desktop (that I am using) should be fine with 1GB RAM.
It brings the question what are the minimum requirements for DebianEdu (at least just for testing).
Currently I am using 4GB RAM for the main-server, and 2GB RAM for the diskless clients.

About your suggestion: I didn't do any configuration on the server for the diskless clients, and I was actually expecting it to work, because I saw somewhere on the docs (at GettingStarted) that diskless clients don't need any configuration. 


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