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Re: Starting a diskless workstation on the main LAN

Hi Dashamir,

On  Do 01 Sep 2022 18:45:36 CEST, Dashamir Hoxha wrote:


According to the network architecture diagram, it seems like it is possible
to start a diskless workstation that is connected to the main LAN:
I am calling "main LAN" the switch that is also connected to the gateway.
Secondary LANs (or LTSP LANs) are those that are behind an LTSP server.

Starting a diskless workstation on a LTSP LAN works fine, but starting it
on the main LAN doesn't work properly. It boots and seems like it is
working, but after you login it is not possible to start any application or
to open the menu.

Am I missing something? Or there is something wrong.
These are the steps that I am following:


I run LTSP fat clienst on the 10/8 network and they work well. However, I don't deploy a standard Debian Edu setup for diskless workstations, so I am rather clueless what is going wrong here.

We use NFS to mount homes etc. and we have a special setup under the bonnet that pulls in host keys into krb5.keytab on the just booted diskless clients. This is all stuff I'd love to upstream, but it is not so easy to give this a prio in parallel to my daily work.


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